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Picture album by Irina Gor





Two carnassiers - one is dangerous

Rising star and impact mark of the falled one   Italian poutpurri 12.12.2013 Gatchina. October 2013


With Anna Zagorodnyaya.

April 06 2014

Kazan. February 2014.


With Valentin Dubovskoy.

With Valentin Dubovskoy, Valentina Markelova and Pyotr Gluboky.

With Valentin Dubovskoy, Anna Pitirimova, Natalya Korshunova, Valentina Markelova and Pyotr Gluboky.

Russian play on old romances . Tzarizino May 17 2014.

With Anna Gorina, Anna Zagorodnyaya, Anna Keyta and Valentin Dubovskoy.
Oryol. May 2015.
08.2016 With Valentin Dubovskoy. November 06 2016 New Year Concert January 04 2017

With Valentin Dubovskoy.